Treating Bruxism With Nightguard

Treating Bruxism With Nightguard

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is another common dental problem. Many people grind their teeth unconsciously while they are asleep. It can lead to several dental problems, such as tooth damage, jaw pain, headaches, and earaches. This is why we recommend night guards for patients who grind their teeth at night. The guard prevents your teeth from touching each other while you sleep, protecting them from wear and tear.

If left untreated, bruxism can cause serious damage to your teeth and jaw muscles. If you suspect that you might be a bruxer, make an appointment with your dentist to discuss treatment options. 

What Is a Nightguard?

A nightguard is a plastic device worn over the teeth to protect them from grinding and clenching at night. Patients with bruxism need a custom-made nightguard, which will be made to meet the exact measurements of your teeth. Your dentist will take an impression of your smile in order to ensure that your nightguard fits perfectly over your smile and that it’s comfortable to wear. While you can purchase over-the-counter nightguards, these typically don’t meet the personalized specifications that the professionals can provide for you. Furthermore, the durable quality of a custom nightguard can prevent the need for uncomfortable and costly repairs in the future.

How Does a Nightguard Work?

A nightguard is a custom-fit oral appliance made of thin, transparent plastic. It’s designed to fit over your teeth, so when you clench or grind your jaw at night, it acts as a protective barrier to prevent damage to your teeth and restorations. It also provides a cushion between the upper and lower teeth to help prevent wear from bite pressure. The nightguard does its job while fitting comfortably in your mouth and without interfering with your speech or eating habits. Since it was made specifically for you, it should fit perfectly and be comfortable to wear! By wearing a nightguard at night, the patient can reduce their risk of symptoms of TMD while also protecting the health of their smile for years to come.

What Are the Benefits of a Nightguard?

A nightguard is a custom-fitted oral appliance that is worn over the teeth to protect them from damage or wear while they are sleeping. This oral device may also be referred to as a bite guard, nocturnal bite plate, or athletic mouthguard.

Typically, a nightguard is recommended for patients who suffer from bruxism – a condition characterized by grinding and clenching of the teeth while sleeping. This behavior can wear down the surface of your teeth and cause painful cracks to develop over time. Additionally, people who tend to clench their jaw during their sleep may develop the temporomandibular joint disorder, commonly known as TMD, which can also cause inflammation in the jaw.

If you suffer from either of the above conditions, it is important to talk to your dentist about a custom-fitted nightguard to protect your teeth while you sleep. The nightguard will be designed to form a protective barrier between your upper and lower rows of teeth, preventing damage to the surfaces caused by friction from the tongue or the movements of your jaw.

If you’re interested in seeing if a nightguard is right for you, contact your dental office today to schedule an appointment!


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